Vermicelli «MIVINA» package renovation

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Vermicelli «MIVINA» package renovation


Vermicelli “Mivina” package renovation. Reason: target audience got used to accustomed product and is getting away to find the new tastes. Aim: hold target audience attention; attract new and young audience, transform their attitude considering “Mivina” an old school product.

In addition to product receipt improvement we decided to use additional instrument to achieve product marketing target: modern attractive design, that could highlight vermicelli important advantage – 100% natural ingredients contain. It was important to show graphically the coherence between old and new package design in order the consumers could easily identify habitual brand. Essential idea: information about the product placed on the package back side had to be performed in interesting extraordinary way.


New design was very alike the previous one, however, it has totally changed former product perception. For years “Mivina” considered to be cheap fast preparing food product. With new conceptual package design it had been transformed to a product that refills your life energy. We were trying to save “Mivina” brand identities (logo placement, pictures and ingredients), but create new bright and fresh image design. Delicious readymade dish on the picture plays the key role in consumer willingness to make that purchase.

New package design explains that “Mivina” is modern junk food products market leader and it is trustworthy brand that has always been developing.

Our best creative solution was a funny instruction in comic book style. We designed a real superhero riding his bike with a concrete message: “Regain your strength in 3 minutes!” Such slogan is mostly addressed to new target audience with outstanding demands. It is convincing the consumer that “Mivina” is kind of “must have” product for those who is active and doesn’t want to waste a minute!

Client: Nestle
Tags: package design, graphic design

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