«UROFOSCIN» medicine package design + image advertising

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«UROFOSCIN» medicine package design + image advertising


Create package and image design to promote “Urofoscin”- medicine for urinary tract infection treatment.
“Urofoscin” provides more comfortable and effective treatment schedule than its competitors.
Image advertising is called to show medicine advantages, to increase its brand awareness and target audience loyalty (medical specialists). The only one course of treatment makes 100% patients’ compliance. Our main target was to reflect the brand’s character: modernity, comfort, fast effect. There were several restrictions about the previous visual package design: to eliminate schematic picture of bladder, to go beyond white and blue colors, to use modern fonts and restricted style.


Out team developed concise but also dynamic and bright idea in accordance to all restrictions and chosen color scheme. Passing through the package acute angel crystals turn into soft water. Beautiful saturated graphics clearly and in delicate manner demonstrates that by taking medicine once painful sore immediately goes away. There is no intimation and nor anatomical details, just stylish image advertising reflecting medicine action.

Client: Arterium Corporation
Tags: graphic design, image development, image advertising and package design

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