«TURBIOTIC» medicine logo design. «TURBIOTIC» medicine package design

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«TURBIOTIC» medicine logo design. «TURBIOTIC» medicine package design


Develop medicine logo and package design to highlight the product among competitors. TURBIOTIC – next generation probiotic produced by famous Swiss company. Product includes todays the most effective bacterial strain – LGG.

The main point about TURBIOTIC is that due to essential product advantages it is much more efficient than its competitors. Our mission was to emphasize brand superiority on certain levels: product and emotional ones. It was important to highlight producer name, brand and instructions of use.


Agency design team took into consideration the main features of probiotic competitors’ product packages on the market and applied them into our final design. All packages are very alike both in its visual theme and in its way of target audience communication.
They are represented in light colors with loads of graphic images, multiple fonts and illustrations showing mainly the product key effect or its customer portrait.

TURBIOTIC package was made completely different. We created discreet, elegant background with visual graphic continuation which is followed up and highlighted by bright logo image. Premium restrict package arrangement attracts customer attention and took prime retail positions among market competitors. Textual content was designed clear & simple. It is made to introduce important facts about medicine use depending on primary function of the each of them. TURBIOTIC product line is performed by range of medicines with different treatment effects. Designers created packages of different colors looking vivid and sunny altogether. Such bright visual performance made them the center of attraction in every pharmacy.

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