Trade Mark «Amrita» image identity design

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Trade Mark «Amrita» image identity design


Company planned rebranding activities and the agency task was to develop new visual identity.
The main aim was to attract new audience of young people and future business partners. Such brand innovation was expected to affect target audience and provoke its brand participation and feelings of equal identity with current company values. It was important to create visual images that would clear represent the brand continuity to keep current interest of already existing target audience.

Client looked forward to get agency expert review about the use of “lifestyle” slogan in further advertising campaigns.


Our team designed TM “Amrita” new image advertising that supposed to become an expert guidance to the beauty world. Naturalness as the key to life harmony – that is the company essential message reflected in its logo design. We combined the elegance and pureness of lotus flower with symbolic images of revival.

Picked up color solutions designed to represent the variety of life spirits. White color in the center of the image symbolizes internal world pureness; rosy-pink and rich pink lotus petals reflect its continuous refill during life time. Company name “Amrita” is painted in green as a symbol of life, sustainability and safety, reflecting spiritual essence of real nature.

Agency has developed and expanded previous idea of company slogan. It was decided to provide clear and concise information about Amrita mission. New slogan is introduced by: Health. Beauty. Lifestyle. Phonetically attractive, built upon company basic objectives it reveals consumer’s absolute intentions to be healthy and beautiful, which rapidly lead to further healthy lifestyle. TM “Amrita” brings all this things together.

Client: TM «Amrita»
Теги: graphic design, branding

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