«SVITOCH» trade mark package design

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«SVITOCH» trade mark package design


Agency task was to develop package design for New Year chocolate presents for children from “Svitoch” trade mark. Our prime creative task was to unite brand values and holiday attributive elements in future design concept to highlight the product among its competitors. We were asked to provide several ideas using key brand elements for 4 different sets of “Svitoch” chocolates.


At a first glance it is quite clear that our designers were extremely enthusiastic and very involved in their work. They wanted to inspire consumers by remarkable package design, reflecting Lviv city brightness and shine, its warm atmosphere of Christmas fairs, the beauty of its colorful stalls with delicious food and hot wine full of spicy aroma. We developed gold magic packages full of treasures. We played with yellow colors and recreated Christmas illumination shine effects on the package.
Series of various fairy-tale houses designed for each holiday present set forms magic atmosphere of joy. Big and bright image objects attract consumers’ attention. Famous heroes of child stories make everyone smile and form mutual connection with the audience. We created a present children wanted to have and adults wanted to buy.

Клиент: Nestle
Tags: package design, graphic design

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