«SVITOCH ARTEK» waffles package redesign

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«SVITOCH ARTEK» waffles package redesign


Agency task was to create “Svitoch Artek” waffles new package design. It was important to save all previous brand associations. Client expected to receive not revolutionary however evolutionary design to strengthen “Artek” brand and its connection to “Svitoch” trade mark. Another important task was to highlight product on retail shelves, awaking consumers’ appetite and intention to make a purchase.


We built on key visual elements to highlight product on the retail shelves and strengthen product brand awareness. Designers created clear and slight shapes using visual brand identities: color scheme and the logo. Placement and graphic design of “Svitoch” logo represented product affiliation as an important “Artek” waffles advantage. We changed product image content: introduced delicious fresh and crispy waffles image, designed in natural colors to gain consumers’ trust.

Client: Nestle
Tags: package design, graphic design

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