«SMAKOLYK» candy-bar package design

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«SMAKOLYK» candy-bar package design


Develop new chocolate wrapper design. Candy-bar is the 1st chocolate, produced by TM “Svitoch”, which has been affiliated as an impulse purchase. The product is performed in chocolate “sticks”, mini candy-bar. Due to affordable low price mini-chocolate products become more and more popular. Customers’ increasing demand makes them extremely competitive on the market.
Our main task: create bright and delicious design to message advantages and win the market. That’s why our chocolate image need to be extremely delicious to awoke customers’ desire to eat it. We tend to use original easy notable and remarkable font, saturated and refined at the same time.


Our bar wrapper design established the high quality of chocolate ingredients and its original flavor. “Smakolyk” unique font refers to children drawings and graphic stylization of Galician fonts, symbolizing the melting texture of famous Lviv chocolate! Eye-catching and delicious picture of chocolate with grain crisps calls the customer to buy it. Just a simple impulse nobody can resist, just a small caprice with no need to find some reason or excuse, intention to buy high quality bar now and please yourself latter.

Client: Nestle
Tags: package design, graphic design

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