«SILVASAN» product landing page develop

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«SILVASAN» product landing page develop


Develop web site for product line dietary supplements. “Silvasan” is an additional source of vitamins and iron containing omega-3 fatty acids. Our task was to create an attractive design concept that shows medicine advantages and its vital influence on workability, physical endurance and human well-being sustainability.


Landing page conceptual design reflects “Silvasan” ground objectives: beauty and health. We created narrative images describing humans’ daily well-being and certain interrelated disorders which lead to fatigue and health disruption. Such problems could be easily solved by using balanced complex of vitamins. Product web-site contains detailed information about one of such dietary supplements and clearly explains its influence on everyday life health. Repeated butterfly image has been designed in certain brand colors, emphasizing that human life could be naturally light and beautiful, especially with such affordable in price and healthcare protective assistant like “Silvasan”.

Client: Olainfarm
Tags: web design, landing page

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