«Romashka» and «Yoghurtel» candy wrapper design

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«Romashka» and «Yoghurtel» candy wrapper design


Our target was to create package design for TM “Svitoch” new products in economy category: new kind of traditional sweets “Romashka” and light and air structure candies “Yoghurtel”.

The renewed brand and package for “Romashka” was considered to be alike traditional candy customers got used to and establish similar recipe and taste.

“Yoghurtel” candy wrapper design was considered to perform natural flavor and environmental friendliness, identifying its light structure and tasty flavor.

Design was to be improved by premium elements to highlight its value and inspiration awekaning.


Our team worked out concise and stylish package design; affordable price candies were presented as an exceptional delicacy.”Yoghurtel” simple credible font blended in design highlights the product taste. Standard but delicious package design is accomplished by bright and yellow flows describing the banana flavor. One can easily change the basic colors of the wrapper and the flow colors for the new product emerging.

In order to save the allusion of traditional candy “Romashka” the new brand was named as “Romashka likarska”. “Romashka” (refers to – chamomile – in English) accepted to be a tender wildflower which is commonly used and beloved for its curing effects and safety. At the same time the new brand name reveals its direct connection to traditional brand the customers got used to for years. As well as accustomed visual experience established by prevailing green color of the wrapper with big picture of chamomile flower in its center. Inscription “likarska” (refers to – medicated – in English) is written with small letters in different (white) color. That’s how we avoid visual competition, holding customer’s attention exactly to the main word – “romashka”.

Wrapper fields are designed in white to add candy in size. Final design totally corresponds to the main concept: the new kind of traditional and customers beloved product is successfully established.

Client: Nestle
Tags: package design, graphic design

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