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«PROTALIS» medicine image advertising


Image advertising design, brand book development

“Protalis” – unique treatment without hormones specially produced for women to increase their fertility. Medicine must be treated as European know-how, which increases chances for successful IVF. Emotional message to target audience has to be supported by genuine advantages.


Despite rather problematic benchmarks this complicated and delicate communication task was redirected to a brilliant performance. Mistrust of the main target audience (the doctors) from one hand. Sensibility and vulnerability – from the other: exhausted from multiple treatments and medical procedures women totally lost their belief in maternity. Direct messages to the audience could be gone unnoticed. We succeed to build the ideal communicative model performed on a very delicate emotional level, aimed to receive its positive feedback from the audience. The client approved 3 kinds of image.

    1. The “Ova” image. The main point is a special atmosphere of trust and delicate smiles showed in communication with target audience. Exact physiological process is transformed to an attractive work of art. This leads to immediate wow-effect, raise of affinity and interest. It was decided to create a femininity image to emphasize the medicine additional advantage, such as hormone imbalance recovery. Complete information about the medicine is provided in addition.
    2. The “Mother” image. This kind of visual solution is called “the simplicity of genius”. The word that is simple and the most important in the world, the most desirable role in life of every woman from our target audience. We built the word “mother“ from pregnancy tests. Each of them has long-awaited 2 stripes. Such image advertising points out “Protalis – your only way to become a mother” directly.
    3. The “Seed” image. There is a sprouted seed in the very center of the scene. Direct and touching story of the new life birth. We see Petri dish divided into two parts before and quite after the treatment. The seed symbolizes the ova, became reproductive after “Protalis”. The seed reflects original natural beginning with particular accent on safety, absence of harmful hormones in active substance of D-chiro-inositol. This image is precious due to its scientific approach, which plays a great role in communication with professional target audience.
Client: Delta Medical
Tags: graphic design, scene, image advertising, POS materials, 3D design

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