«Probilans» medicine package design

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«Probilans» medicine package design


“Probilance” is a new medicine, which package design considered to make the impression of unique product suitable for each family member, especially for kids. Medication is produced in the form of sachet made for kids and in the form of capsules – for adults. Sachet visual idea was chosen to be the product primary package. Adult package was expected to be distinguished by different color scheme. “Probilance” package creative shouldn’t have minimalistic design, but it was important to make it bright and clear.


“Probilance” probiotic complex package design is based on its treatment effect. Everybody knows about vital power of good bacteria and its influence on our health. We performed it in the style of kid’s drawings – bright and colorful flower drops on the meadow. At the same time image is designed in accordance to special painting technique, performing schematic picture of gut and its internal microbalance. Target audience can easily read the medicine tittle. Its authorial font looks colorful and bright, establishing consumer’s age profile.

Package color scheme makes brilliant impression. Bright colors within childish design were transformed into semitone colors in adult package solution.

Successful combination of unique design and medicine effect visual performance improved “Probilance” brand recognition and loyalty of its target audience (consumers and professionals).

Client: Arterium
Tags: graphic design, packaging design

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