«PHARYNGOSPRAY» product landing page design

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«PHARYNGOSPRAY» product landing page design


Develop website design to provide the consumer with information about sore throat relief treatment “Pharyngospray”. Agency task was to adjust it to all digital formats. Website mission was to help consumers make the right choice of pain relief treatment during throat inflammation period. “Pharyngospray” eliminates uncomfortable symptoms and also cures the illness without any harmful impact on health.


We designed product landing page in cheerful yellow and orange colors. They symbolize “Pharyngospray” main ingredients: marigold oil, buckthorn and bergamot. Color scheme concept inspires trust and consumers’ positive attitude to all information provided. Facts about treatment effect and its suggested use have clear structure, placed in logical order step-by-step to bring consumers to indispensable purchase that helps to handle sore throat disease.
We highlighted “Pharyngospray” unique features and designed two bright accents: medicine 100% natural ingredients, safety use for pregnant women and children from 2 years old.

Client: Olainfarm
Tags: web design, landing page, website

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