«PEN-Herpevir» package design

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«PEN-Herpevir» package design


Agency task was to create “Pen Herpevir” – crème for herpes treatment, package design. It was important to provoke strong association with another famous “Herpevir” medicine, produced by the same company. We tended to achieve 100% product recognition among its target audience (consumers, pharmacists and doctors).

Medicine recipe improvement was caused by new pharmaceutical composition. Penciclovir active substance has replaced former Acyclovir. Future package supposed to highlight such key differences and its new advantages: quick effect and sharp targeting.


Quick arrow hitting the target – is the best agency descriptive solution, which shows “Pen Herpevir” exact medical purpose and its advantages. Chosen color scheme emphasizes rapid dynamics in disease treatment. Brave black colored design attracts consumer’s attention. Moving from deep black to neutral and calming light beige product package design triggers unconscious belief in great medical impact.

Consumers remember product flashy package easily. It looks completely different from other competitors on the shelf. Agency visual solution made the package extremely bright and expressive, but rather descriptive using large strict elements, which point out “Pen Herpevir” medical value.

Creative submission combined two medicines into one equal image, emphasizing brand historical continuity on the market.

Client: Corporation «Arterium»
Tags: packaging, graphic design

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