«NOVARO» brand brochure develop

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«NOVARO» brand brochure develop


Develop brochure with “Navaro” sauce receipts. Brochure marketing targets: increase consumers’ loyalty; widen the range of product consumption occasions; trigger the association that sauce could be one’s “secret ingredient” which turns every day meal to a really refined dish. Agency task was to create simple and stylish design for wide audience perception.


Provided solution totally satisfied marketing targets. Bright and juicy photos prevail in front of discreet modern design. Text has clear structure and is accurately placed on brochure pages. Light delicious shade background and font color correspond to exact sauce color. Such elements play additional role as visual center to attract consumers’ attention. Neat and stylish design performs the product from its best angel. Even with simple home product kit every consumer feels himself like a real chef.

Client: Nestle
Tags: graphic design, illustration, POS materials

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