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«Novaro» poster advertising


Develop advertising poster for «Novaro» sauce highlighting the product slogan «Everyday meal refined taste». It was important that created image showed simple and affordable in price product that could change consumers’ everyday meals which became charming and gourmet even at home.


The agency worked out two concepts. The first one – was the idea of laconic and smart image design. Sauce bottle played the role of expensive restaurant guest and his waiter simultaneously. Simple food like macaroni turned to be gourmet meal only with a special dressing made from «Novaro» sauce and herbs. Butterfly on the top of the bottle refers to farfalle (special kind of macaroni from Italian). It looks very gorgeous celebrating and sweet!

The second idea was closely the same. However, in this scene we used several popular types of sauce flavor. The bottles acted like famous artists and performed their diversity of tastes on the scene: classical «Novaro» sauce, sauce with mushrooms, with ginger, and with garlic. Compere opened the velvet curtain and – here you go! – consumers turned to be not exactly the audience but the real scenarist and filmmakers. The main role is obviously played by delicious and prominent «Novaro»!

Client: Nestle
Tags: graphic design, illustration, POS materials

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