«My first 1 000 days» newborn diary book design

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«My first 1 000 days» newborn diary book design


Agency task was to create informative diary reflecting newborn development, health and nutrition for young mothers in mom&me style. For long time Nestle company has been considering a leader of children’s nutrition market. Company is also well known to its responsible parenthood informational policy. Main idea was to design kind of notebook for remarks, which was supposed to contain certain the most important information about newborn development stages.


Common graphic conceptual design reflects the diary subject matter. It is made in baby born pastel tones with selected childish style fonts. We have chosen cheerful baby to be a main hero of the diary. He is performed on different notebook pages in various clear to every young mother looks. Baby makes funny faces and selfies, dances, laughs and dreams about funny things. We performed the most important facts about newborn development in clear and witty way. This information also contains the main rules of behavior for women. Such diary was supposed to become the real mommy helper during all first 1 000 days.

Client: Nestle
Tags: graphic design

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