«Mivina» soup wrapper design

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«Mivina» soup wrapper design


Develop 2 flavors wrapper design. It is the new offer for the consumers: noodle assortment of meat soup with real meat pieces and without. Hot soup with noodles is performed like healthy, natural and nutritious dish. The product is made for those who want to find the variety of fast preparing food product flavors.

Its main consumers are young and mature women, who work all day long, with low and less average income. They live thrifty, but appreciate healthy lifestyle, used to enjoy pleasure, such as delicious food.


Working upon simple and soft wrapper for such traditional product our designers succeed in their remarkable performance of modern and constantly developing brand essence.

We show the customer that “Mivina” crème-soup is an easy, attractive and delicious product. It looks like a small adventure bringing joy and pleasure just in the middle of a working day or during life moments, when people mostly run out of time even to prepare lunch. Soup flavor is highlighted by bright images of its main ingredients. As a result, this swelling and attractive ready-made dish brings out the feelings of light, soaked in its warm and tasty aroma.

Client: Nestle
Tags: graphic design, packaging design

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