«Mivina Homemade» image advertising design

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«Mivina Homemade» image advertising design


Create poster for «MIVINA Homemade», which provides delicious and quality soups and second course semi-finished dishes.

Product target audience is active people, building their career, suffering from the lack of time.
They used to have lunch on-the-job, however, tend to watch their nutrition and health quality.
We were supposed to highlight product advantages: home receipt, quality ingredients such as real meat pieces and vegetables, keep-it-fresh technology of production, simple cooking and ergonomic package.


Agency team performed concise unusual and trendy image. Made hearty and bright it says that «MIVINA Homemade» could be easily stored in every office desk drawer. Beloved product is always ready to save you from a sudden hunger during lunchtime making you feel like home. That is why «MIVINA Homemade» is not just a simple fɑst fооd. It is called to bring strong feelings of comfort and homemade lunch with cozy atmosphere and delicious food aromas people got used to.

Client: Nestle
Tags: graphic design, image development, advertising image

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