«Mediathorn» image advertising and package design

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«Mediathorn» image advertising and package design


Develop “Mediathorn” image advertising and package design. “Mediathorn” is a prescribed parasympathomimetic drug, produced in the form of injections as well as in pills. Agency task was to save strict and discreet features of medical package and perform its super powers within creative graphic design.


Main idea of our creative design was to highlight medication benefits. “Mediathorn” improves and stimulates impulse conduction within the nervous system. We draw a bunch of thin lines in the central part of the image. Its mesmerizing and interweaving dynamics reflects human nerve fibers sending the impulses which remind us of free motion delight.
Advertising image is reinforced by package visual concept. We used the character of gymnast with a ribbon floating in her perfect jump. Such scenery perfectly demonstrates “Mediathorn” efficiency, explaining the meaning of its descriptive slogan: “Impulse, recovery, motion!”

Client: Arterium
Tags: packaging design, advertising image, image development, package design

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