«Lifecell» 3G/internet operator truck branding

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«Lifecell» 3G/internet operator truck branding


Develop several ideas of Lifecell truck branding, including sketches of BTL activities design.

Mobile sell points considered to be bright and attract as much audience as possible. Product target audience consists of young and active people, young families with kids. The company does its business in accordance to European principles. That is why the client expected to see modern creative solution within the world trends in design.


Agency worked out two different ideas: classical and creative. In both variants we established the idea when one of the truck sides could be transformed into stages. At the bottom of the stages we suggested to place external sell points and musical equipment. In addition client could use big screens to play demonstrative games wearing VR-glasses. “Big telephones” (screens) would be suitable for personal device connections and service tests. We also offered the idea to place projector for film demonstration from the truck backwards.

Activities related ideas supposed to involve wide range of target audience into brand emotional space.

  1. Classical concept: multiple zone arrangement is based on usability analysis and comfort for both the customers and the company. The main attention is paid to a cashier desk which is placed right in the middle of the space being well seen and available to every customer. Classical accustomed location of demonstrative tables inspires trust and leads to further pre-order steps (testing and purchase).
  2. Creative concept: external design continues into internal activity zones. Creatively designed path leads a customer through all the incentives right to the cashier desk. To reassure efficient space use we placed comfortable and soft beanbags for sitting. We suggested green lawn on the roof as a suitable work point for DJs and PJs and inflatable slight to attract kids and parents.
Client: Lifecell
Tags: design, branding, promotional zones, production

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