«Laritilen» medicine package design

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«Laritilen» medicine package design


Develop package design for “Laritilen” medicine which contains different flavors. Our aim was to create an effective solution for 100% product recognition among its numerous target audience (pharmacist and consumers). Being a new treatment for inflammatory dental diseases for adults and children above 4 years old, “Laritilen” expected to enter the market with ever-increasing competition rate. It was important to emphasize main product benefits – available price and its variety of flavors.


We decided to refuse from using traditional themes, like pill or flavor pictures in design. Our team was seeking to find completely different creative approach. However, we succeeded to represent each product flavor within relevant color scheme. Bright textured abstract rings became the key-elements of agency creative design. Its round form provokes clear visual association with medications. Unique stylish package reminds product consumers of company modern technological approach in inflammation disease treatment.

Creative vision of package design, established by the Agency, gained an absolute trust for “Laritilen” and distinguished it among other market competitors. We developed expressive images representing medicine flavors variety (mint, mint + raspberry, mint + lemon). Its bright and individual visual effects help consumers to make their best choice – “Laritilen”.

Client: Corporation «Arterium»
Tags: packaging, graphic design

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