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«Ksavron» image advertising


Agency task was to create emotional image of «Ksavron» innovation medical product to create an impact on preferable target audience – neurologists and anesthesiologists. Our aim was to disclose the only ischemic stroke therapy medicine on the market. It was important to create revolutionary but convincing image design. We worked out not only trustee performance of an absolutely innovation treatment but also a new product that strives to conquer its leading positions on the market.


Among agency multiple concepts the client has chosen the preliminary called «Bakugan» idea. The character of desperate bakugan-fighters from an iconic anime TV show totally refers the product image. They are fast, tough and goal-oriented. Such efficiency reflects «Ksavron» treatment effects.

Graphic image of robosphere superhero used to be great scene from the nearest future, where robots solve all human problems with health and well-being.

Image mockup tells us breathtaking story about Ksavron superhero, which investigates the hot spots and eliminates them at once. In the center of the scene one can see visual concept showing detailed ischemic stroke process. It is performed by violent fire in the woods, when fire sparks cause serious troubles for the whole forest. Ksavron blocks dangerous fire points immediately and prevents its spread to human brains. Such brilliant visual idea proceeded with product remarkable image advertising.

Клиент: Юрія-Фарм
Tags: graphic design, plot, advertising image, POS materials, 3D design

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