«Khrum» waffles package design

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«Khrum» waffles package design


Provide several concepts of product package redesign. Product was presented in two SKU: with coconut flavor and with hazelnut taste. In response to consumers demand previous form of waffles production had been changed (26 g) that is why the main agency task was to provide proper and relevant in size wrapper design.

Our mission was to highlight product basic advantages: original chocolate content and quality melting in mouth waffles that strike you with delight and pleasure within every crispy bite. It was important to use appropriate color scheme describing the two flavors and develop holistic and bright concept to emphasize product high quality. Client expected to see the architecture of new wrapper design in accordance to former brand identity with modern evolutionary elements, but non-extreme changes, in addition.


Agency developed light stylish and delicious “Khrum” wrapper design which symbolized product receipt improvement. There is no bunch of details in modern and new creative design. We concentrated customer attention on several necessary moments: delicious ingredients and famous brand name. Our designer took care of every little detail embracing rather essential facts: content, superior receipt, well-known producer. Synergy of multiple details forms brilliant composition emphasizing premium quality of beloved crispy product.

Client: Nestle
Tags: graphic design, packaging design

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