«Kavova notka» candy wrapper design

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«Kavova notka» candy wrapper design


Develop candy wrapper design. «Kavova notka» (refers to – coffee notes – in English) – new product in economy category produced to become an everyday delight.
Product target audience: consumers with average and low income who want to brighten up their life with something sweet.

It was expected to widen candy assortment with new flavors: orange and caramel. Agency task was to develop unique design concept with flexibility to change color scheme and template according to different flavors. Image structure need to have same design with not more than 5 colors in pallet.


Product package design provokes purchase impulse, provides full information about the product to meet exact customers’ expectations. Despite extremely affordable price candy design looks gorgeous and expensive. Matt wrapper in latte color decorated with chocolate confetti and silver colored fields always catches customer’s glance. Music symbols and elements promote product name and create the atmosphere of luxury delight. The wrapper could be easily adjusted to other flavors by changing the main color scheme and adding new graphic elements from the world of music.

Client: Nestle
Tags: package design, graphic design

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