«Izoprinosin» medicine image advertising develop

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«Izoprinosin» medicine image advertising develop


Agency task was to develop antiviral product image advertising and perform the unique mechanism describing the treatment influence on different forms of widespread viruses.

Product efficiency is affirmed by multiple researches and tests made along its 60 years history. Our aim was to present all gathered evidences in simple and bright performance which would be clearly understood by multiple customers. Client put rather complicated target and we’ve definitely succeeded to meet our common goals.


High level of competition in particular market segment required unusual and remarkable approach. It was rather disputable and complicated path to create detailed object for «Izoprinosin» treatment effect visual design.

Our creative idea was to develop images of certain viruses defeated by «Izoprinosin» treatment.
We designed separate 3D model for each of them. It performed each virus in multiple details.
Our design team presented viruses like a real threat to human nature, which could be rescued only with «Izoprinosin» effect.

Diligent work with sketches and detailed image design made it possible to stay far ahead the competitors.

Image advertising, containing 3D objects and placed to hermetic glass boxes, emphasizes medicine safety and symbolizes happy life without viruses.

Client: TEVA
Tags: graphic design, scenery, image advertising, POS materials, 3D design

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