Halykoo image advertising

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Halykoo image advertising


Agency task was to develop Halykoo image advertising to build concise communication with the target audience.  The mission was to create unique image with particular specifications: well recognized visual design, attractive to parents and desirable for kids.

Contrad Swiss – is a company from Switzerland who produces wide range of medicines for children. We were asked to design extraordinary character that would unite all children medicines in one image.


Agency created the unique advertising hero, Named Halykoo. It was a hare with sparkling blue eyes, which reffered to the last two letter of brand logo.

Funny cute and fluffy hare became the center of children’s amusement and the source of parents’ amazement. We developed ideal positive image with round design reminding a pill, in medical glasses silhouette with transparent frame and silver lapel of doctor’s uniform that very alike to the vest of superhero.

Our character is performed in the aircraft, which activates its engine as fast as disease-like symptoms and general malaise appears.

3D-visualization adds dynamics to superhero image, which could be easily transmitted to any other object identities or advertising sceneries. There are certain legal restrictions in the sphere of pharmacology advertising and our created hero facilitates and empowers instant communication between brand and its target audience.

Agency performed universal winning and inspiring solution with multiple advantages for further brand promotion and POS materials design.

Client: Contrad Swiss
Tags: graphic design, scenery, image advertising, POS materials, 3D design, brand hero design

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