«Gryposan» product landing page design

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«Gryposan» product landing page design


Create website to promote “Gryposan” dietary supplement: release in balsam and capsules. Healthcare products are natural biological supplements for balanced nutrition. “Gryposan balsam” is produced to cure cold & flu and its symptomatic relief. “Gryposan capsules” is treated like infection preventive healthcare during epidemic and off-season periods. Dietary supplements have both different ingredients and suggested use. It was mandatory to provide such important distinction on product website.


Website structure expected to demonstrate usability and intuitive navigation. Variety of ingredients was shown by range of different colors and disparate suggested use – by different image style. Balsam information space is accomplished by pictures, capsule information space – by photos. Separate informational banners with bright and juicy images demonstrated the range of natural components included to balsam. Agency has successfully developed bright colorful and cheerful like real nature landing page for “Gryposan” product.

Client: Olainfarm
Tags: web design, landing page, website

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