“Glenspray with Azelastine” image advertising design

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“Glenspray with Azelastine” image advertising design


Agency task was to develop “Glenspray with Azelastine” image advertising design. It was important to create bright conceptual image to get rid of other market competitors, those who produce nasal spray allergic rhinitis treatment. New image considered to emphasize medicine especial characteristics – its speed effect. In comparison to other similar products, “Glenspray with Azelastine” is the only one which contains Mometasone and Azelastine. Such medical components help to overcome stuffy nose symptoms. “Glenspray” brings relief just in 15 minutes since application.


In accordance to product advertising concept – fast start and safety control – agency created bright and trendy image called “Glenspray knockout”. This concepts totally reflected medicine treatment effect. Main idea was to show boxing punches made in the lightning speed just to leave the enemy (the allergy) no chance to win. Graphic solution is based on the image of a boxing glove.  Our best slogan among all being generated is: “Glenspray knockouts allergy”.

We tended to increase product emotional impact and created brave and provocative advertising image to left no chances for any consumers concern. The vase with flowers was made in the form of TNT with countdown timer. Slogan saying: “Disable allergic rhinitis in 15 min” represents medication fast treatment effect. Font was chosen to look like TNT timer symbols and was considered to underline the main image advertising concept.

The third image solution consisted of bright and brainy elements. We performed the diagram of changes in the form of 15 minutes stretch. Consumer could simply observe all stages of medicine treatment effect: swelling decrease, redness and stuffy nose relief. “Glenspray with Azelastine” brings free breathe and pure senses of smell back. Informative content placed in diagram upper and lower parts provides clear explanation about product medical treatment stages.

As a result the Agency created unique and universal image looking beneficial for both: patients and doctors.

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