«Furasol» product landing page design

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«Furasol» product landing page design


Develop landing page for “Furasol” – antiseptic sore throat relief product. Page must be adopted for mobile devices, contain explicit information about the product and clearly disclose treatment advantages: great effect, safety and convenient use.


Informational website starts with optimistic picture of happy and healthy family. Such a great conceptual approach provokes customers’ positive perception and ensures product loyalty. Slogan “Feeling great when it doesn’t hurt!” is pointing to well-being beauty and comfort. Information content is made from illustrations about aching feelings and related troubles caused by sore throat. Expressive and emphatic graphic images demonstrate “Furasol” great effect and clear obtainable information convince the consumers it was their right choice of treatment.

Client: Olainfarm
Tags: web design, landing page, website

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