”Envair” medicine image advertising design

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”Envair” medicine image advertising design


Agency task was to create image advertising design for “Envair”, worm medicine (anthelmintics) for dogs and cats. We supposed to use the central image with minimum text. Memorable and unique image design had to perform the clear message about medication description and benefits. We aimed to perform “Envair” in a rather competitive environment and show its healthy impact and available price. It was decided to design trendy and unique package looking totally different from the others.


Client has chosen creative and smarty idea to perform product target audience looking like strike force heroes to be in the center of the image. Strong incredible and healthy representatives of “Envair” elite troop are always ready to fight all kinds of aggressive helminthes! We created a picture of shield which is used in further advertising design. Slogan “Search and disarm!” clearly describes product medical purpose and its great treatment effect.

Bright and creative image advertising designed to be memorable and to eliminate every consumers concern, because “Envair” is produced for comfort life of your lovely and shiny pets.

Client: «Arterium» Corporation
Tags: graphic design, image development, advertising image

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