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«Ecobiol» image advertising


Create trend extraordinary image advertising for “Ecobiol” medicine in accordance to target audience specifications (gynecologist and young women of childbearing age – 18-40 years)
The main request was to develop simple, however bright visual solution to grasp medicine effect immediately – the product, enriched by immunomodulatory molecules of symbiotic bacterias, destroys Candida fungus contamination area right in the gut and successfully cures yeast infection relapse.


Product creative solution – concise and bright amusing image. The young woman character in a dressing gown, identifies the target audience range and emphasizes on problem intimacy.
Slogan “This is my home!” was built on exquisite pun, however it points out clearly the main source of disease – the gut.
Our team presented successful and relevant solution that helps to leave all the competitors behind. That was clear visual efficiency comparison of both traditional topical treatment and complex “Ecobiol” treatment. Such comparison performance helps gynecologists to include medicine in treatment schedule as the only appropriate decision for yeast infection relapse.

Client: Delta Medical
Tags: graphic design, image development, image advertising

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