«Ecobiol» image advertising develop

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«Ecobiol» image advertising develop


Develop antifungal treatment image advertising. Ecobiol is the unique product, enriched by immunomodulatory molecules of symbiotic bacteria, that destroys Candida fungus contamination area right in the gut and successfully cures yeast infection relapse.

Client expected to see unique creative decision: within the trends of consumer perception and extraordinary for doctors. It was important to develop emotional and memorable image describing the threat of yeast infection for women’s health and provides practical information of its elimination.


Brave and provocative story about maniac criminal who is playing the role of pathogenic fungus that attacks women body catches and strikes audience attention. Yeast infection is a very tricky disease who acts like obsessive maniac returning over and over within several months after traditional treatment (without probiotic in doctor’s receipt). Finally, there is a strong weapon in the armory of every doctor – “Ecobiol” probiotics that helps to win the battle once and forever.

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