«Ascoril» image advertising design

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«Ascoril» image advertising design


Develop creative concept for medical representative visits, image advertising for publishing, technically designed creative banner work out. Client strongly insisted on important features of future design. It must be memorable and convicting to eliminate consumer’s stereotypical attitude relating “Ascoril” medicine prescription and recipe necessity (same competitor’s products do not need any prescription).


During image advertising concept work out our team took into consideration the product former slogan idea: “Ascoril always makes you feel super powers!” Our winning approach was to enforce the notion “power” within unique idea of graphic design.

Imitation of superhero costume in combination with dynamic happy moves of a child full of life energy, emphasize not only the product medical superpowers. Such visual solution shows the second, completely different, idea. We transformed “Ascoril” present weakness (prescription necessity) into product main advantage. Now consumers understand: if they need prescription to use medicine that is the guarantee of its safety and unswerving positive effect.

Tags: design, scenery, POS materials, advertising image

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