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«Amoderm Neo» website development


Create simple in navigation and clear for wide range of audience product website. “Amoderm Neo” is the nail polish treatment from fungal diseases (onychomycosis). It was necessary to adopt website landing page to both tablet and mobile phone use.

The main aim was to provide target audience, who has been already using antifungal solutions for treatment, with new product advantages. In addition it was important to attract new consumers suffering from onychomycosis.

On the other hand we tended to increase medical audience loyalty and the loyalty of those, who was already using “Amoderm Neo” for treatment. Finding additional information about the product was supposed to be the main motive for website visit.

Product website expected to become significant marketing tool to increase current market presence, where strong competitor’s variety is accompanied with rather conservative audience, who used to cure onychomycosis with fluid treatments. Despite such circumstances agency team was ready to perform current nail polish treatment advantages in the best way.


Created website emphasizes that for today “Amoderm Neo” is #1 choice in fungus treatment.
It looks very convincing and clear to different types of the audience. Website content and image solution looks consonant and attractive. The most meaningful information for consumers showing the product simple use and great effect is well combined with its best price advantage.

Expressive and attractive color solutions inspire trust and confidence. This special approach creates strong emotional base that influences customer’s purchase decision.

The information structure is clear and website navigation is made simple and intuitive. That is how we satisfied required information demand for each type of audience and even for those, who doesn’t have plenty of knowledge in medicine and kinds of fungus disease treatment.

Successful iconography with bright visual images and coherent content represent “Amoderm Neo” to be kind of new trendy product on Ukrainian market.

Client: Arterium Corporation
Tags:website design, landing page, web design

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