«Acistein» image advertising design

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«Acistein» image advertising design


Agency task was to develop “Acistein” image advertising design. “Acistein” is an anti-cough medicine produced by Delta Medical. Product contains Acetylcysteine which helps to overcome coughing symptoms and to loose thick mucus in individuals. Designer’s solution expected to highlight product efficiency and its fast recovery impact, emphasizing its easy and variable application forms.


Our creative idea was to build parallel between medicine and car navigation system that can be applied in two directions. From one hand, image design reflects the main sense of product slogan: “Your right direction from early beginning!” From the other, – image clearly demonstrates physiological process how to get rid of thick mucus as fast as possible. “Acistein” is your quick help to overcome such cough relating problems. Dynamic image of a car, which is confidently moving due to modern navigation system, helps to perform the new medicine in trendy and implicit way.

Client: Delta Medical
Tags: graphic design, image development, advertising image

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