«Lifecell» 3G/internet operator truck branding

Главная » Branding «Lifecell» 3G/internet operator truck branding Target Develop several ideas of Lifecell truck branding, including sketches of BTL activities design. Mobile sell points considered to be bright and attract as much audience as possible. Product target audience consists of young and active people, young families with kids. The company does its business in [...]


«Glenspray with Azelastine» doctor’s souvenir products visual design

Главная » Branding «Glenspray with Azelastine» doctor’s souvenir products visual design Target Develop interesting and memorable concept of functional souvenir products for doctors. Agency task was to deliver bright and strong image closely connected to product healthcare impact. Solution “Knockout Bouquet” has been chosen to be the main image of souvenir production concept. We designed [...]


Trade Mark «Amrita» image identity design

Главная » Branding Trade Mark «Amrita» image identity design Target Company planned rebranding activities and the agency task was to develop new visual identity. The main aim was to attract new audience of young people and future business partners. Such brand innovation was expected to affect target audience and provoke its brand participation and feelings [...]